One of the most severe offences a driver can receive is driving while your license is under suspension. According to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act driving under suspension can result in severe penalties if you are convicted of the charge.
The following penalties can apply to a first conviction for a driving under suspension charge,
1. A minimum fine of $1000 and a maximum fine of $5000.
2  Additional six month suspension
3. Imprisonment up to six months
4. As a result of new laws passed on December 1st, 2010, your car may be impounded for 7 days if your license is already suspended under HTA, or if your license is suspended in DUI case or if your license is suspended for driving without an ignition interlock device when required to do so.
5. An increase in insurance for three years following a conviction and the possibility of insurance companies refusing to offer coverage after a conviction
When you are caught with a suspended license for the second time, for each following offence you are fined with a minimum amount of $2000 and maximum of $5000 (under the Criminal code it becomes $10000 and $50000) along with extended license suspension and extended imprisonment.